By setting the founding mandate « nutritional autonomy for all » at the core of their activity, the shareholders of Nutriset clearly express their  will to build a unique socio-economic model with a humanist purpose. This vision has three dimensions: economic responsibility, social responsibility and development responsibility.

The economic responsibility of Nutriset is about  achieving sustainability to fulfil its mission to serve vulnerable populations and to guaranty jobs to its employees. The financial and governance independence Nutriset serves its business management ethics, such as the reinvestment of most of its income to further advance its mandate.

The social responsibility of Nutriset is about the continuous mobilization of its staff to fight malnutrition. Throughout its activities, Nutriset  enables an attractive and participative social management that favors its collaborators and partners.

The development responsibility of Nutriset is about a continuous investment in innovations and a constant support to production initiatives to better respond to the needs, such as the PlumpyField® network. Nutriset also monitors the environmental impact of its activity.

In 2015, Nutriset shareholders opened the status of the company to include an “Expanded Corporate Purpose”. This move aligns the management of the company with the values of its shareholders within the dynamics of a collective collaborative project. It enables the set-up of innovative modes of governance among all interested parties in the company.

Hilina Enriched Foods production - Ethiopie

Hilina Enriched Foods, member of the PlumpyField® network, in Ethiopia. © Heidi Reed