2016 Key figures

Nutriset site in Malaunay (Normandy, France)

  • Total workforce (head office and production): 183
  • Production plant: 9,037 m2


  • Production capacity: 72,000 tonnes (109,700 tonnes with the PlumpyField® network)
  • 43,500 tonnes of products shipped to 91 destinations in Africa, Latin America or Asia.

In 2016, Nutriset products benefitted millions of people:

  • Over 2 million children suffering from severe acute malnutrition were treated with Plumpy'nut®.
  • Over 5 million people benefited from nutritional support thanks to the other Plumpy® and Enov® type products (Plumpy'SupTM, Plumpy'DozTM, Plumpy'MumTM, Enov'MumTM, Enov'Nutributter® etc.).

Financial data

  • Turnover: 123 million euros in 2015.