Directly reaching low-income populations

Nutriset is committed to selling its ready-to-use supplementary foods (RUSF) at low costs to poor populations, to support a public health objective: preventing malnutrition.

In order to directly reach low-income populations, Nutriset has developed a methodology inspired by social marketing, using traditional marketing techniques to serve a social objective: that of addressing a public health need.


Innovative distribution strategies

Preventive nutritional supplements marketed to vulnerable populations are made locally and sold at affordable prices. To ensure optimum availability, reaching even the most rural areas, they are distributed via a network of small shops and pharmacies, as well as via community initiatives (cooperatives, women’s groups, etc.). The strategy implemented to promote the products is hinged around the product’s impact in terms of health and messages designed to raise awareness of nutrition issues.

This approach is reserved exclusively for preventive products, it being essential that the treatment of acute malnutrition should continue to be given under medical supervision, in the context of programmes run by Ministries of Health, possibly supported by humanitarian players.


First trial in Niger, projects in Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Madagascar…

In Niger, studies conducted following the launch of the Grandibien® product at the end of 2008 (in collaboration with Société de Transformation Alimentaire, a member of the PlumpyField network) have shown that 55% of the product’s buyers fall within the target group and that 98% state they are satisfied with the product, the perceived benefits of which are primarily a better appetite and greater energy in children. It is estimated that Grandibien® reaches approximately 10,000 children per month.

In Tanzania, the first trial phase has already been implemented, with the support of USAID, and other projects are in the process of being launched in Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and Uganda. This approach is also being used for the private-sector distribution of ZinCfant®, dispersible zinc sulphate tablets to treat acute diarrhoea.