Nutriset, nutritional autonomy for all

"The capacity of a country or community to set up a sustainable system to identify and make accessible the nutrients required for the development and good health of its population."


Plumpyfield members visiting a peanut farm in Sudan
Workshop Plumpyfield®, Soudan, janvier 2014


To address the huge challenge represented by malnutrition, we are working every day to promote the nutritional autonomy of developing nations:


  • A network: Setting up and supporting the PlumpyField® network which promote capacity building so local companies and non-profit organizations in developing countries can produce and distribute Nutriset products. The network participates in the economic development of the Global South by creating jobs and procuring local ingredients through sustainable systems. 
  • Investing in research and innovation: 60 research staff; 10% of total workforce, between 5 and 10% of sales dedicated to the activity every year, to find ever more effective nutritional solutions.
  • Designing communications and marketing programs about the use of our products, taking into account the cultural characteristics of specific target populations.
  • Innovating new ways to introduce and distribute our preventive products to local markets in continued cooperation with humanitarian and welfare organizations.
  • Promoting an ongoing dialogue with the stakeholders involved in nutrition and humanitarian aid, using feedback from the field to improve the fit between our nutritional solutions and the requirements of different countries and regions in need.
  • Supporting and participating in initiatives that foster a greater mobilization against malnutrition (such as the GAIN Business Alliance and the Scaling-up Nutrition action plan)
  • Investing in training: in addition to specific training for PlumpyField® network team members, we support training programs in Africa (2iE engineering school, based in Ouagadougou; Programme de Leadership Africain en Nutrition (PLAN); funding of grants for students from African countries).


Our goals are simple: to invent, produce and make available nutritional foods for the humanitarian treatment and prevention of malnutrition and build sustainable systems so local companies in developing countries can manufacture Nutriset products to meet the needs of their citizens.