Operational and logistical efficiency

Responsiveness and efficiency: nutritional emergencies generate urgent needs that can only be effectively met with an optimised logistics chain.

On the basis of its partners’ needs, Nutriset is committed to keeping the number of days between receipt of an order and shipment to an absolute minimum. In the most extreme cases, orders may be turned around in less than a day.


Anticipating demand in order to plan production

Through intelligence work and regular contact with humanitarian organisations, it is possible to anticipate nutritional product requirements. On the basis of the information gathered, a weekly planning meeting determines the measures to be taken to keep delivery times to a minimum: production volumes to be scheduled,finished product stocks to be held, procurement of raw materials, loading schedules, etc.


Handling 1,200 orders per year

Logistical management begins the moment a request for a quotation is received and covers recording of orders, scheduling of dispatches and organisation of freight, along with assistance for customs formalities (preparation of documentation, warehousing under customs authority, etc.).

In 2009, the Operations Department handled around 1,200 orders from more than 250 customers. Over 15,000 tonnes of products were shipped to 90 destinations in Africa, Latin America or Asia, representing 1,374 loading operations into containers and trucks and giving rise to 2,140 customs operations.