The PlumpyField network

PlumpyField® is a network of manufacturers with a common project: fighting malnutrition. Partners of this network manufacture and market RUTF and RUSF products developed by Nutriset. Initiated by Nutriset in 2005, PlumpyField® brings together its members by agreements inspired by the franchising system.

Founding principles of the PlumpyField® network

Ensuring improved availability and accessibility of products for the prevention and treatment of malnutrition, and willingness to support the nutritional autonomy of countries affected by malnutrition, were established by Nutriset as core principles of the network.

Members of the network stand together and meet the following principles:

  • a genuine and reliable local partner, both commercially viable and sustainable;
  • a guarantee for customers in terms of the quality of the locally manufactured product;
  • the professional ethics of the local partner in terms of its relations with the humanitarian sector;
  • awareness of and compliance with correct use of the locally available product;
  • the producer’s commitment to make the product available.

Skills and know-how shared within the PlumpyField® network

Primary skills exchanges

  • Usage authorizations from Nutriset to the network members about patents, trademarks and distinguishing features related to this kind of products;
  • Transfer of know-how, on both commercial (including logistics and supply chain) and technical (production process, assistance for the implementaton of quality system, follow-up and training, etc.) aspects;
  • Maintenance of knowledge through continuous training.

Secondary transverse skills exchanges

  • Sharing and transfers of know-how between the network members, improvement of systems and enhancement of specific skills;
  • Access to Research and Development programmes and to improvements in terms of technology, management and human nutrition;
  • Joint research programs, studies of distribution systems, etc.

Membership's characteristics of the PlumpyField® network

At the beginning of 2011, the PlumpyField® network holds nearly 15 members. Nutriset and its partners aim to keep expanding this network. Interested companies or organizations can contact Nutriset directly at

Obviously, joining the PlumpyField® network entails adhering to its founding principles, and the following criteria will be assessed: professional ethics and willingness to work with humanitarian players, motivation and involvement in the project, existence of nutritional needs within the country, company's or organization's human, financial and technical resources and skills.