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For over 28 years, Nutriset is 100% dedicated to research, production and make accessible nutritional solutions ranging from treatment to malnutrition prevention for vulnerable population.


Its mandate is to contribute to the Nutritional Autonomy for All.






PlumpyField® is a network composed of 9 partners mainly present in program countries.


Carte des partenaires du réseau PlumpyfieldThe mission of the PlumpyField® network is to improve access to innovative nutritional solutions meeting international quality standards through local production, close to the populations requiring them.




our products

Gamme Plumpy, produits prêts à l'emploi destinés au traitement ou à la prévention de la malnutrition aigüe

Gamme Enov, suppléments nutritionnels prêts à l'emploi destinés à la fortification à domicile





A balance nutrient intake during the first 1000 days of a child (from conception to his two years birthday) will impact his future development.


If today many studies have been published about children nutrition, investigations about nutritional status of pregnant and lactating women and how it impacts the future development of the child are still limited.


To increase knowledge of these teenagers, pregnant and lactating women, Nutriset and its partners wish to highlight them and mobilize around them and their needs.


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