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For over 28 years, Nutriset is 100% dedicated to research, production and make accessible nutritional solutions ranging from treatment to malnutrition prevention for vulnerable population.


Its mandate is to contribute to the Nutritional Autonomy for All.






PlumpyField® is a network of independent producers who manufacture ready-to-use nutritional solutions right in the countries where they are most needed. These products are used in the treatment and prevention of malnutrition, and comply with the highest international quality standards.

PlumpyField's team

By sourcing locally, these members sustainably contribute to the social and economic development on their countries and to the fight against malnutrition.


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our products

Gamme Plumpy, produits prêts à l'emploi destinés au traitement ou à la prévention de la malnutrition aigüe

Gamme Enov, suppléments nutritionnels prêts à l'emploi destinés à la fortification à domicile




Nutriset, member of the SUN BUSINESS NETWORK


The international movement aims to increase partnerships between governments, NGOs, civil societies and private sector to encourage the fight against malnutrition.

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Nutriset and its international network, PlumpyField®, commit to work about their firms development so that 9 million of children would be able to benefit from products of the range Plumpy® and Enov®, each year from 2018.



Competition "Families at positive energy" !


To save energy and act against global warming, 11 Nutriset’s households participate at the competition and banded together under the name "Chauffe qui peu", with the same challenge: decrease their energy of 8% compared to the previous year. TF1 came to meet them…

Photo équipe Chauffe Qui Peut

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