Product development at Nutriset

Nutriset’s R&D department focuses its efforts on the development of nutritional solutions addressing the concrete needs of malnourished people and the organisations that come to their aid. It is made up of a dozen chemists, nutritionists, food technology specialists and laboratory technicians.

In liaison with field workers and international research institutions, it relies on a rigorous methodology to obtain reliable products with a good cost/efficacy ratio meeting all the international regulatory requirements in terms of quality.


Coming up with an idea…

The company’s External Research and Nutritional Strategies Division (RESN) is tasked with proposing nutritional solutions meeting the specific needs of vulnerable communities around the globe and tailored to the conditions in which these products are used on the ground.

Several steps are involved in coming up with an idea for a product:

  • analysis of nutritional needs, the dietary habits of target populations and distribution practices;
  • coming up with the idea for an innovative nutritional solution;
  • drawing up specifications: formulation, bioavailability of nutrients, packaging, recommendations for use, etc.  

The RESN Division is also responsible for selecting, setting up and monitoring research partnerships with external parties (universities, humanitarian organisations, public health players). In the last 3 years, some fifty partnerships have been forged in this way.


… and turning it into a product

Développement Produit par Nutriset

The Internal Research and Development Division (RDI) is responsible for product development. The ultimate aim is the manufacture of an appetising product that can be manufactured on an industrial scale.



The stages involved in the process:              

  • Selection of ingredients and raw materials, production of samples and sample testing (bacteriological analysis, stability tests, etc,) in order to adjust the formulation;
  • Supervision of the semi-industrial production phase to optimise the stability of the physicochemical characteristics (appearance, taste, nutrient concentration, etc.);
  • Coordination of packaging and product documentation work.