Research projects and partnerships

Research partnerships to improve efficiency of our products

Desite the progress to date in inventing nutritional products that combat malnutrition, Nutriset is driven by the need to invent additional products that will allow more people in developing countries, and especially children, to thrive. Towards this end,  work closely with prestigious research institutions and organizationscapable of testing the new products on the ground.

iLins Project supported by Nutriset

Today, Nutriset is working on some 60 research projects with universities and humanitarian organizations, including the iLiNS Project, which aims to develop a new generation of preventive nutritional supplements. On each project, our goal is to be a reliable industrial partner for the development of research  products, which means playing an active role throughout the research and development process from participating in defining the research objectives and the methodology of field trials to developing strategies for distributing new products to the popultion in greatest need.

Nutriset’s role in research partnerships

  • Initiate, develop and monitor external research partnerships.
  • Develop the specifications and formulations for new nutritional solutions.
  • Develop the product model and conduct cross-functional monitoring throughout the development process.
  • Provide scientific and bibliographic support and conduct competitive intelligence as needed
  • Contribute to development of product distribution strategies designed to promote the accessibility of the new product.
  • Contribute to advocacy for new nutritional solutions via participation in international symposia or events (international conferences on nutrition, United Nations Standing Committee on Nutrition meetings, membership of the GAIN Business Alliance, USAID-FANTA2 workshops., etc.), and by regular contact with representatives of UN agencies, NGOs or Ministries of Health.