PlumpyField network's charter

A common goal

To increase access to specialized nutritional solutions for populations at risk for malnutrition in the developing world.

The partners produce ready-to-use foods for the treatment or prevention of malnutrition, engage in research and development, and strive toward nutritional autonomy within all communities.

The members of the network share the same vision, and the same ethical approach, enabling them to work within a strategic framework favouring the development and production of innovative nutritional solutions adapted to the needs of the countries of the developing world.

Plumpyfield, to adopt the approach of Nutritional Autonomy and sustainable development


Our shared vision

  • To prevent and reduce malnutrition, be it acute or chronic, severe or moderate, among children and other vulnerable populations, and thereby to contribute to the achievement of Millennium Development Goals 1 and 4: "to halve the proportion of people who suffer from hunger” and “to reduce by two-thirds the under-five mortality rate."
  • To develop, manufacture and offer ready-to-use foods based on the most advanced nutritional research and in compliance with international quality standards;
  • To combat malnutrition and improve children's health, from treatment to prevention via a network of national producers;
  • To , successfully moving from dependence on international aid to the ability of states, communities or individuals to identify and procure the nutrients needed by their populations at risk of malnutrition;
  • To develop a distribution system that provides nutritional supplements that prevent infant malnutrition directly to the consumer, through social marketing;
  • To apply a pricing policy which is as honest and equitable as possible, while enabling producers to cover all their costs, taking into account investments and product improvements, and continue to expand production capacity so as to always be able to respond to demands;
  • To build synergy between the actors working to fight malnutrition internationally and the members of the PlumpyField network through maximum national level production of high quality nutritional foods and via research programmes;
  • To develop and improve the quality of local agricultural supply chains (peanuts, oil, etc.) so as to increase the economic and social impact in the countries, the best way to promote nutritional autonomy.


Tri des arachides par Samil membre du réseau Plumpyfield

The PlumpyField® network is like a 'family', sharing the same goals, the same values,
and working to promote better nutrition throughout the world.


Our Methods and our Commitments

  • Sharing information about suppliers, equipment and raw materials;
  • Safeguarding sources for raw material and packaging supplies;
  • Continuously improving the quality management system;
  • Establishing a database including information on: access to financing, nutrition, business plans and studies on the market; 
  • Implementing a South-South and North-South cooperation program for training and transfer of know-how, particularly with regard to laboratory analysis methods;
  • Ensuring circulation of information on projects undertaken by the members of the network and the results they have obtained (newsletters, mailings, online forum, meetings and workshops etc.) to promote sharing experiences;
  • Fostering so far as possible (buyers’ requirements, availability of production facilities, emergencies etc.) the transfer of orders to the regional partner closest to where products are to be used;
  • Maintaining close collaboration with Nutriset throughout the partnership to favour transfer of competences: agri-food engineering, training teams, quality system, etc. This list is not exhaustive, there could be other collaboration methods depending on the needs.


Plumpyfield Safeguarding sources for raw material and packaging supplies



Our ethical principles

  • We adhere to the spirit and values of the PlumpyField® network;
  • We undertake to protect the quality reputation of the Plumpy® range’s brands, and to respect the ethics of social market;
  • We commit to developing quality products in a sustainable way, respecting environmental, social and economic concerns;
  • We declare that we are responsible entrepreneurs, whose ambition is to be leaders in projects aiming to prevent and reduce child malnutrition together with its social, socio-economic and health consequences.
  • We aim to build a solid, committed network in order to achieve national and international recognition.



We think globally and act locally.
The lives of million children depend on it.