Choosing the right product

In order to effectively choose the product adapted to the situation met on the field,
Nutriset offers three criteria:

  • Form of malnutrition,
  • Nutritional solutions characteristics,
  • Target.


--- Each of these different criteria is displayed on nutritional solution's corresponding webpage ---


Detailed criteria

  • Form of malnutrition 

Corresponding to the different levels of Malnutrition. Nutriset's products come in a comprehensive range to handle all forms of malnutrition, in both the treatment stage and the prevention stage, including: severe acute malnutrition, moderate acute malnutrition, and chronic malnutrition. Nutriset has also developed products for combating acute diarrhea, a condition frequently associated with malnutrition.


  • Nutritional solutions characteristics 

Corresponding to the kind of nutritional solutions. 


  • Target 

Corresponding to the age of the targeted populations by our nutritional solutions.