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One 20 gram sachet of Enov'Nutributter® corresponds to the recommended daily dose for a child.

Recommendations for use

Enov'Nutributter® is a supplement and does not replace breastfeeding or varied and nutritious complementary foods.

Enov'Nutributter® does not require any prior cooking or dilution and does not need to be refrigerated. Simply open the package, and the content can be eaten by the child or mixed into the child’s complementary food after it has been cooked and is no longer steaming hot.

Best Before End

  • 24 months


  • 20 g individual sachet
  • 11.3 kg net weight carton of 567 sachets

One carton is sufficient to provide the necessary nutritional supplements for 5 children for 4 months.

Enov'Nutributter® is a Lipid-based Nutrient Supplement (LNS Small Quantity)

For children from 6 to 24 months

Ideally, babies should be exclusively breast-fed up to the age of 6 months. After this, mother's milk no longer provides all the energy and nutrients the infant needs in order to grow. A high quality food supplement then becomes indispensable to compensate for this deficit, but this is sometimes unavailable or inaccessible in a large number of developing countries.

Originally developed for children aged between 6 and 12 months at risk of malnutrition, Enov'Nutributter® is now also used as an addition to continued breast-feeding (up to 24 months) and supplementary foods.

Enov'Nutributter® is reserved for use with young children and must not be shared with the other members of the family, as its micronutrient content is especially calculated to meet the needs of a child.

Several studies have shown that Enov'Nutributter® is accepted and appreciated by children and their families.

For prevention of malnutrition

Enov'Nutributter® is intended to fortify the food supplements of young children and to aid in their motor and cognitive development.

Daily consumption of Enov'Nutributter® over a period of at least four months helps to compensate for any deficiencies in the supplementary food. It provides all the micronutrients (minerals and vitamins) required for growth in children of that age group. Enov'Nutributter® is also recommended as a fortifier for feeding children aged between 12 and 24 months, a key period for growth and intellectual development.

Enov'Nutributter® is a paste based on peanuts, sugar, vegetable fat, skimmed milk powder, maltodextrin and whey, enriched with a vitamin and mineral complex.

NB: in areas where malaria is endemic, it is recommended to divide the consumption of the product into two, so as to avoid the risks associated with the iron supplement contained in Enov Nutributter®.

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