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Recommendations for use

Enov’Mum™ is a supplement to the usual diet and should not replace any locally available food that is commonly consumed.

It can be used directly, as it is, without prior preparation. It can be mixed with traditional food once served, or may be eaten directly from the sachet. The sachet can easily be opened by tearing off one corner of the sachet. After opening, the sachet can be used throughout the day.

Best Before End

  • 18 months


  • 20 g individual sachet
  • 10,92 kg net weight carton of approxi-matively 546 sachets

Enov'Mum is a Lipid-based Nutrient Supplement (LNS Small Quantity

For pregnant and lactating women

Enov’Mum™ has been especially designed for pregnant and lactating women whose diet may provide energy, but lacks varied and nutritious food. This nutritional supplementation allow them to meet their daily requirements in main micronutrients.

Enov’Mum™ can be distributed as part of a nutrition program through blanket feeding in at-risk area alongside other interventions, such as Behavior Change Communication (BCC) activities to improve nutritional practices, as well as obstetric care.

To fortify diet during pregnancy & exclusive breastfeeding

Growing evidence points out that supplementation during pregnancy and lactation can improve maternal micronutrient status and birth outcomes. That is why it is crucial to correct the nutritional status in this target group as early as possible. Enov’Mum™ contains essential fatty acids (EFA) and the recommended daily nutrient intake (RNI) in multiple micronutrients that are often lacking in the diet, and thus aims to have a positive effect on maternal nutritional status, birth outcomes and postnatal growth.

Enov’Mum™ has been designed based on recommendations of the WHO, UNICEF and WFP in the guidelines “Preventing and controlling micronutrient deficiencies in populations affected by an emergency” (2006).

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