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Recommendations for use

  • A ration of 1.5 g of QBmix® per day and per person over a period of 14 days, depending on the situation, makes it possible to ensure a good micronutrient status
  • A 900 g pot is enough to supplement the meals of 20 people through a month.

Packaging and conservation

  • Primary packaging
    •  900 g Pot.
  • Secondary packaging and palletisation
    •  900 g Potse : cartons of 6 pots (gross weight : 5.6 kg) in pallets with 90 cartons (gross weight : 531 kg).
  • Where possible, to be stored in a dry, cool area, at a temperature of less than 30°C.

QBmix® is a condiment.  

For Adults and Family meals 

QBmix® is designed for people whose daily food ration is few diversified, and so who risk developing deficiencies in micronutrients important for their health.

QBmix® is a highly concentrated vitamin and mineral paste , flavoured so as to mask the metallic taste of certain minerals which are present in large proportions. 

QBmix® can be used as a condiment to be added to the meal, after the family or collective meal has been cooked. This allows preserving the food habits of the beneficiaries groups. It is essential that it should be added after the family food has been cooked, so as not to affect the heat-sensitive vitamins. Its tomato aroma masks the taste of certain vitamins and minerals and its aromatic strength limits the risks of overconsumption

To ensure  varied and balance diets 

QBmix® is a nutritional supplement fortified in minerals and vitamins. QBmix® enables to reach the status in micronutrients to prevent from disease resulting from deficiencies (scurvy, pellagra, beriberi…) and help for a better fight against infections

A diversified diet is the best way to prevent any risk of nutritional deficiency. Deficiencies in micronutrients occur notably when the daily diet is monotonous and contain few different foods. However, in certain circumstances, providing a well-balanced diet is difficult, and even if the available foods bring enough energy, they do not cover the needs in some essential micronutrients. In these contexts a nutritional supplement as QBmix® may be the way that suits the best to bring these essential elements.

When a diversified diet providing all the micronutrients the organism needs is not possible, QBmix® compensates for nutritional deficiencies, for example, in vitamin C – which is the cause of scurvy – and in niacin (vitamin B3) – which is the cause of pellagra. It is suitable for situations where it is not possible to ensure a varied, balanced diet, particularly in emergency situations (large-scale population movements, etc.).

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