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Recommendations for use

  • The quantity to be given depends on the weight of the patient. Between 70 and 100 ml per kilo are usually sufficient to re-establish normal hydration (on average, one sachet of ReSoMal will, therefore, be enough to rehydrate four children who weigh 7 kg).
  • The exact quantity depends on what the child drinks, the volume of continuing loss (stools, vomit) and the possible appearance of signs of hyperhydration (particularly symptoms of cardiac insufficiency).

Best Before End

  • 36 months


  • 84g sachet of powder
  • 10.92 kg net weight carton of 130 sachets.

ReSoMal is a powder.

For Preparation of an Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) 

ReSoMal is used for the preparation of an oral rehydration solution (ORS) exclusively for people suffering from severe acute malnutrition. It must be used under medical supervision in therapeutic feeding centres, and must not be given directly to families.

To treat Severe Acute Malnutriton and mineral deficiencies

Seriously malnourished children commonly suffer from a deficiency of potassium and various other mineral deficiencies, as well as from an abnormally high level of sodium. In the event of rehydration, it is therefore necessary to give them a specific ORS containing less sodium, more potassium and more magnesium, zinc and copper.

ReSoMal was developed to meet this specific need. It must not be given to well-nourished people or those suffering from cholera (in these cases standard ORSs, which conform to the WHO formula, must be used). It was specially designed for the treatment of dehydration in people suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

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