Acute Diarrhea

This condition is frequently associated with malnutrition, as it can be both a cause and a consequence. Annually, it affects 2.5 billion children, and is the cause of death of 2.7 million people. This is why, at the request of the WHO, Nutriset developed ZinCfant®, dissolvable zinc sulfate tablets.

Used in conjunction with oral rehydration salts (ORS), ZinCfant® reduces the duration and severity of diarrhea attacks and has a preventive effect through the three months following treatment.

Among the required characteristics was that the tablets had to mask the taste of zinc, which was used as an emetic up to the start of the 20th century. This charcateristic appears to be essential to facilitate the treatment of children. For young children aged between 6 months and 5 years, one tablet once per day for 14 to 19 days consecutively must be taken.

Diarrhoea: second leading cause of death in children under 5

For children under the age of five, it is the second most important mortality rate after Pneumonia. In Ethiopia more than 500 000 people are dying of diarrhea each year.  Sudan, Myanmar or Guatemala are also very severely affected by diarrhea.

Recommended by WHO and UNICEF since 2004 and included in WHO’s list of essential medicines since 2005, these tablets remain under-used.


Increasing the access and availability of paediatric zinc tablets.

The availability of a high-quality supply on an international scale remains one of the major constraints. Of an estimated twenty producers of dispersible zinc tablets worldwide, only Nutriset / LP Rodael and two other groups have been approved and listed as preferred suppliers of UNICEF.

Having launched the development of dispersible zinc tablets following a request by the WHO, Nutriset and its pharmaceutical partner LP Rodael, have fully mastered the production process and are the only manufacturers to effectively mask the taste of zinc, something that is deemed essential to facilitate the product's administration and uptake in young children.

Today, more than 133 million ZincFant® have been produced allowing the reduction and the hardness of dhiarrea for more than 11 million children. Nutriset and its partner still increase the production capacity of the product ZinCfant 20mg® with the ability to deliver 550 million of tablets to help more than 55 million of children per year. 

Nutriset continues with its efforts to register the product  ZinCfant 20mg® in priority countries and to promote the introduction of the zinc + ORS in humanitarian programmes, health centres and within the private sector. To facilitate this strategy, Nutriset and LP Rodael have begun a pre-qualification process for ZinCfant 20mg® with the WHO.

In 2012, ZinCfant® is registered on World Health Organization list of Prequalified Medicinal Products (reference DI002)

Nutriset also produces ReSoMal, rehydration salts exclusively reserved for the treatment of people suffering from severe acute malnutrition.