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Dosage and
Recommendations for use

  • For young children aged between 6 months and 5 years : one tablet once per day for 19 to 14 days consecutively.
    NB: for infants between 2 and 6 month old, ½ a tablet per day
  • ZinCfant® must continue to be given throughout the recommended treatment period, even if the diarrhoea episode is over before this time.
  • Strict observance of the treatment period is essential as it enables the child's body to reconstitute its reserves of zinc and thereby will reduce the risk of new diarrhoea episodes for a period of two to three months.
  •  Directions for use :
    • Place the tablet in a small spoon
    • Add a little water or breast milk
    • Leave the tablet to dissolve (around 45 seconds)
    • Give the entire contents of the spoon to the child

NB : If the child should vomit in the 30 minutes following the treatment, give another tablet (or half a tablet for the infants between 2 and 6 months old)

  • Contraindications :
    • Do not use ZinCfant® if there is an allergy (hypersensitivity) to one of the components in the product, especially the zinc.
    • Do not use ZinCfant® in cases of phenylketonuria (hereditary metabolic disorder identified at birth), because of the presence of aspartame.
    • If the child is being given iron in the same period, it is recommended that a four-hour gap be left between the two treatments, to ensure that the organism gets the full benefit of both products.

 Packaging and conservation

Cartons de 72 étuis.Un étui contient 10 plaquettes de 10 comprimés chacune.
  • Primary packaging : ZinCfant® comes in a packet containing 10 blister packs, each with 10 tablets. One blister pack is enough for the treatment of one child.

NB : ZinCfant® packets do not include the oral rehydration salts which must be used in association with the tablets.

  • Secondary packaging :cartons of 72 packets (net weight : 4.0 kg ; gross weight : 6.2 kg)
  • Palletisation :
  • Where possible, to be stored in a dry, cool area, at a temperature of less than 30°C.

Zincfant® 20 mg, is a dispersible tablet. 

For children between 2 months and 5 years of age

ZinCfant® 20 mg is a paediatric supplement for the clinical management of acute diarrhoea (to be used in conjunction with ORS) in children from 2 months to 5 years of age. 

The development of these tablets began in 2000, in response to a request from the World Health Organisation. Nutriset associated itself with Laboratoire Pharmaceutique Rodael to develop a high quality product conforming to the specifications drawn up by the WHO aimed at facilitating the treatments acceptance by young children.

Among the required characteristics was that the tablets had to mask the taste of zinc, which was used as an emetic up to the start of the 20th century. They also had to be rapidly dispersible, so they could be diluted in a few drops of water or breast milk and given orally, even to the youngest children.

Thanks to the manufacturing process jointly developed by Nutriset and L.P. Rodael, ZinCfant® tablets are the only ones to mask the taste of zinc so successfully.

For treatment of Acute Diarrhoea

ZinCfant® is recommended in cases of acute diarrhoea in young children, and is used in association with oral rehydration salts (ORS).

ZinCfant® reduces the severity and duration of episodes of diarrhoea, regenerates the body's reserves of zinc and has a preventive effect up to three months after the end of the treatment.

In 2004, after a large-scale clinical study had shown the effectiveness of zinc sulphate in tablet form, the WHO and UNICEF jointly published a recommendation for the use of zinc combined with ORS in the treatment of acute diarrhoea, and the tablets were included in the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines in 2005.

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