A reference quality system

Quality support
for the PlumpyField® network

Because quality applies to every product manufactured locally by the members of the PlumpyField® network, Nutriset’s Quality Department works closely with each network partner to implement a quality management system similar to that at the Malaunay production site.

Nutriset also audits the quality systems of all members of the PlumpyField® network on a regular basis.

Nutriset’s quality management system is recognized worldwide. Audits of the Malaunay site conducted by the main buyers (in particular, UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders) have led to Nutriset being approved as an international supplier.

The Quality Department’s job is to guarantee quality at all stages of the production process, in compliance with international requirements and standards. This emphasis on quality control ensures the traceability of every product we manufacture.


Quality: from raw materials to finished products

Using a quality assurance and control system, the Department is involved at every stage of the production– from the selection of raw material suppliers to the control of the finished products. Department staff also test and certify every batch produced (certificate of compliance, analytical certificate, etc.) attesting to the quality of the products and facilitating export

Controle Qualité par Nutriset


Traceability – Origyn, software specially designed for Nutriset

One of Nutriset’s essential tools in assuring the safety and quality of our products is our exclusive Origyn software. Designed to meet Nutriset’s specific requirements, Origyn incorporates procurement and stock management, production scheduling and quality controls conducted as part of the HACCP program along with ascending and descending traceability. Origyn also includes systems to calculate prices and decision-making tools.

With Origyn, if a problem is detected for a batch of raw materials or finished products already dispatched, the Quality Department can issue a traceability recall within 45 minutes, know where the product batches in question are and implement the necessary measures (additional tests, batch recall, etc.).

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