A strict Quality Assurance and Control system

As part of the company’s Quality Assurance system, a control programme in line with the HACCP procedure (Hazard Analysis Control of Critical Points) defines the list of analyses and controls to be performed at the various stages of production (raw materials, pre-mixing, finished products, etc.) and sets their frequency.

The analyses can be broken down into several categories:

  • bacteriological analysis, to detect the presence of bacteria or toxins;
  • chemical analysis, to check the dosage of the various components (proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals) along with the homogeneity of the product;
  • organoleptic tests, monitoring the visual appearance, consistency and taste of the product;
  • control of the visual appearance of the sachets (quality of seals to guarantee the absence of any leaks, legibility of printing).


Nutriset analyses qualité

Quality Control is responsible for implementing the control programme drawn up by Quality Assurance. Some of the tests are performed internally, in the laboratory located in the Nutriset factory. Other tests – notably bacteriological analyses – are performed by external, independent ISO 17 025-certified laboratories.
Quality Control also includes online control, i.e. routine monitoring within the factory of a number of basic parameters: detection of nuisances (insects, rodents, etc.), verification of cleaning, etc.

If any anomalies are observed, it is the responsibility of Quality Assurance to determine the additional tests to be performed and the corrective measures to be applied.