1. Fitia Association, Mérieux Foundation and Nutriset Group sign partnership agreement

    A partnership for the nutrition of schoolchildren in the southern regi...

  2. A child eating a product from Enov range in Burkina Faso

    The Lancet recommends the use of SQ-LNS as an essential interventions ...

  3. Chiche Chef !

    Chiche Chef ! Une aventure humaine et culinaire

  4. PlumpyField signatory of the IAM Africa charter

    PlumpyField signatory of the IAM Africa charter

  5. Breastfeeding woman eating Plumpy'Mum™

    Micronutrient Forum 2020 : pregnant and breastfeeding women love Plump...

  6. La dénutrition, tous concernés !

  7. Kick-off meeting and discussion with a group of mothers in Laos

    About food & child development in Northern Laos. An anthropological pe...

  8. Hexagon Nutrition signs agreement with Nutriset Group and joins Plumpy...

  9. Peanut Varietal Selection for the improvement of raw material quality

  10. Combined effects of ionic strength and enzymatic pre-treatment in ther...

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