Kick-off meeting and discussion with a group of mothers in Laos
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This project aims to understand from a socio-anthropological point of view, the role of different factors such as infant food habits, food resources as well as a nutritional supplementation in the child’s development, by interviewing notably mothers and other persons playing an important role in the education of the child, near several ethnics groups concerned by the nutritional supplementation program. The perception of the supplementation will be also included.


Elaborated interviews will allow us to collect their stand points and to capture their subjectivity, which will be recontextualized in their specific cultural environment, and their respective meaning repository. Early child development, which is inherently multifactorial, will be considered taking into account different dimensions : sociability, emotion, physical agility, body expression, language… Our approach also tends to describe the ecosystem of supplementation distribution and to suggest a new socio-cultural perspective beyond normed frames that rely only on biometric indicators.

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