1. Support the well-being of the most vulnerable populations

    A renewed commitment to continuously improve its CSR approach

  2. An ethical: the United Nations Suppliers code

  3. Time for action

  4. The MUAC tape, a tool for early detection of acute malnutrition

  5. Nutriset Group : a corporate culture based on respect for everyone

    A corporate culture that respects people

  6. Through the distribution of its nutritional products, the Nutriset Group works on a daily basis to strengthen human rights.

    Better food, better development: a right for all

  7. Fitia Association, Mérieux Foundation and Nutriset Group sign partnership agreement

    A partnership for the nutrition of schoolchildren in the southern regi...

  8. A child eating a product from Enov range in Burkina Faso

    The Lancet recommends the use of SQ-LNS as an essential interventions ...

  9. Chiche Chef !

    Chiche Chef ! Une aventure humaine et culinaire

  10. PlumpyField signatory of the IAM Africa charter

    PlumpyField signatory of the IAM Africa charter

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