1. Nutriset production

    The challenges of operational excellence

  2. Edesia Jerome Jarre Plumpy'Nut®

    Nutriset fournit 60 t de Plumpy'Sup™ suite à l’appel aux dons lancé pa...

  3. Prashant Naik CEO of Nutrivita Foods

    Prashant S. Naik, new CEO of Nutrivita Foods

  4. Abbé Pierre center

    Support for the project of a place of memory devoted to Abbé Pierre

  5. EY Agribusiness Awards 2017: Adeline Lescanne Gautier, General Manager of Nutriset receives the Societal Commitment Award

    EY Agribusiness Awards 2017: Nutriset wins the Societal Commitment Awa...

  6. Donation Charles-Nicolle foundation

    A donation of 300,000 Euros for undernutrition research, with fondatio...

  7. https://akta.coaxys.com/image/5159c442-dd19-4eff-a03c-efbab34f610b/nutriset/nutriset/news/nutriset_ppf_business_call_to_

    Nutriset and PlumpyField® join the Business Call to Action

  8. Partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  9. Nutriset WHS 2016

    Nutriset et PlumpyField® au Sommet humanitaire mondial à IstanbulNutri...

  10. https://akta.coaxys.com/image/5159c442-dd19-4eff-a03c-efbab34f610b/nutriset/nutriset/news/colloque-autonomie-nutritionne

    Symposium on Nutritional Autonomy for All

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