1. Abbé Pierre center

    Support for the project of a place of memory devoted to Abbé Pierre

  2. EY Agribusiness Awards 2017: Adeline Lescanne Gautier, General Manager of Nutriset receives the Societal Commitment Award

    EY Agribusiness Awards 2017: Nutriset wins the Societal Commitment Awa...

  3. Donation Charles-Nicolle foundation

    A donation of 300,000 Euros for undernutrition research, with fondatio...

  4. https://akta.coaxys.com/image/5159c442-dd19-4eff-a03c-efbab34f610b/nutriset/nutriset/news/nutriset_ppf_business_call_to_

    Nutriset and PlumpyField® join the Business Call to Action

  5. Partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  6. Nutriset WHS 2016

    Nutriset et PlumpyField® au Sommet humanitaire mondial à IstanbulNutri...

  7. https://akta.coaxys.com/image/5159c442-dd19-4eff-a03c-efbab34f610b/nutriset/nutriset/news/colloque-autonomie-nutritionne

    Symposium on Nutritional Autonomy for All

  8. malnutrition Nigeria PlumpyField

    Dansa Foods and Nutriset Group fight together the malnutrition in Nige...

  9. Nutriset exhibitor DIHAD

    Nutriset au Salon international de l'Aide humanitaire et au Développem...

  10. Nutriset presents « Nutritional autonomy for all », the company story ...

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