To develop harmoniously and reach its full potential, a child needs a proper diet, love, protection and stimulation. It is between birth and 12 months that the baby's brain is experiencing a phase of intense neuronal construction. At the age of 3, more than 80% of his brain is formed. Social Interactions, Emotional Stimulation and Play Promote Brain Connections  
Play and interaction are essential for healthy growth.


When a child is malnourished acute, it gradually reduces its activity. He no longer plays, no longer cries, no longer smiles, no longer complains ... illness isolates him. Parents of malnourished children often think that the child no longer needs attention. The resulting lack of stimulation and learning has a negative impact on one's mental and behavioral development. Stimulating the child through play, talking, cuddling and massage is a complementary element to nutritional management that promotes healing and reduces developmental delays. 

Play with the child, talk to him, make him move, question him, show him you care ...

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