Nutriset nutritional research

Tests at the Product R&D laboratory.

From first idea to final, ready-to-use nutritional product

In direct contact with field workers around the world and the leading international research institutions, Nutriset's External Research and Nutritional Strategies Department designs solutions for vulnerable populations that are adapted to their specific needs and to the constraints tied to the various forms of malnutrition.

Nutriset is recognized by the scientific community for its ability to develop specialized nutritional research products, as well as for the company's active participation in the definition of research goals, for its field study methods and for the creation of product distribution strategies for the neediest groups.

The External Research and Nutritional Strategies Department develops specifications that the Research and Development Department uses to create product prototypes. These prototypes will lead to finished products that meet quality and nutritional standards, have passed tests of effectiveness and acceptability by targeted groups and can be manufactured on an industrial scale.

Tweed: a food science research center

In parallel, Nutriset Group created Tweed, a food science research center inaugurated in 2014. A collaborative site based on innovation and creativity, Tweed has as its mission to:

  • Acquire new knowledge and know-how in food science;
  • Develop products based on plant materials available in developing countries;
  • Transfer know-how on these new products to industrial partners in developing countries.

The Tweed laboratory is guided by the C.K. theory of creativity that was developed and consolidated by the CGS laboratory of MINES ParisTech. This theory aims to model design reasoning by creating bridges between the Concept (C) and Knowledge (K) areas to generate new products and avoid the preconceived ideas of individuals and groups that are an obstacle to innovation.

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