Growell® mum's distribution campaign in Burkina Faso.

   Growell® mum's distribution campaign in Burkina Faso.


The Nutriset Group defines itself as an association of partner company initiatives with activities that include the development of a sustainable agro-industry, nutrition and access to high-quality food.

With 18 partners in 11 countries, the Group focuses on three main sectors: research, production and distribution.

Building a sustainable agro-industry in developing countries

A key Nutriset Group objective is to encourage, drive and support the strategies of innovative companies in the agro-industry sector in developing countries. The final goal is to build a sustainable agro-industry in these countries that will supply high-quality food.
To succeed in this undertaking, Onyx Développement provides leverage in several areas: financing backing, strategic support, co-governance, research and development, product design and marketing.

Nutrition: contributing to nutritional autonomy for all

Research and the design and production of nutritional solutions carried out by the Nutriset company since 1986 have led to the development of the Nutriset Group and continue to be the core of its activity. In thirty years, product ranges designed by the company have transformed the combat against malnutrition and opened a new horizon of "nutritional autonomy for all". Today, this mission relies on diversified, cross-company skills to create new solutions that are appropriate for vulnerable population groups.

Providing access to high-quality food together

Providing access to high-quality food is a key goal for all the Nutriset Group teams. How do they plan to reach this goal? By designing food for tomorrow, promoting local plant raw materials, distributing consumer products that are both modern and traditional to urban residents in developing countries, creating new recipes and implementing new distribution systems.
This concern is ensured in a transversal manner and led primarily by the Nutriset, Onyx Développement, Tweed and Odet companies.

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