Plumpy'Nut® distributed at CREN of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.


Over the past thirty five years, Nutriset has developed a unique expertise with regards to fighting malnutrition. 

Our team work is a synergy where skills and trades combine to design nutritional solutions, develop products commended for their high efficacy, push for the best quality and productivity, and secure the fastest route for our products to reach the humanitarian programs and vulnerable populations who depend on it.

Nutriset and the network of local producers, PlumpyField® are acknowledge globally for a full set of competencies distributed over the value chain of the sector of nutrition: scientific research with over sixty academic partnerships, value added to locally produced raw ingredients, design of new nutritional solutions, industrial and economic development, support to local private stakeholders, improved access to markets and innovative distribution models.

Together with humanitarian partners, Nutriset has helped revolutionize the management of the treatment of malnutrition, and continuously seeks to improve its impact. Today the company is geared to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, alongside the United Nations, governments, partners in the private sector and the scientific community. More than ever, Nutriset claims its mandate: nutritional autonomy for all.

Michel Lescanne, Founder of Nutriset and President of Nutriset Group defines the nutritional autonomy for all as the "capacity of a country or community to set up a sustainable system to identify and make accessible the nutrients required for the development and good health of its population". 

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