Nutriset microbiology laboratory

Sample weighing at the Nutriset Microbiology Lab.

Worldwide recognition

Fully satisfying the actors involved in refeeding programs is an essential goal for Nutriset. To accomplish this, Nutriset has committed to implementing, maintaining and developing a Quality Management system that guarantees food quality and safety.


Compliance with international norms and standards

Since 2011, the Malaunay site has been certified ISO 22000:2005 "Management of Food Safety".

The company meets international standards for human and infant nutrition, such as those found in the Codex Alimentarius concerning hygiene (CAC/RCP 75-2015, CAC/RCP 1-1969, etc.) and the quality of raw materials (STAN 207-1999, STAN 212-1999, STAN 200, etc.).

Nutriset has also implemented a process approach like the one defined for ISO 9001:2015, which aims to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Quality Management System is regularly audited by the UNICEF/PAM/MSF inter-agency initiative, as well as by French authorities (DGCCRF, DDPP). This allows maintaining a continuous improvement approach that includes the latest requirements.


Quality control 

Implemented when the Nutriset plant was built in 2001, our HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) approach enables us to control biological, chemical and physical dangers as our industrial processes evolve.

We control microbiological and nutritional quality from the choice of raw material suppliers to the verification of final products. We pay particular attention to limiting impact on the environment.

Our industrial processes and infrastructures have been designed for optimal quality control.

Nutriset has its own microbiology and physico-chemical lab, which has enabled the company to develop analysis methods that are adapted to the complexity of our products with a high lipid content.

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