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Partnerships with reference research institutions on a world-class level are the core of Nutriset's approach to the scientific development of nutritional solutions. There is also close collaboration with the field to carry out product tests with end users.

Nearly sixty research projects involving Nutriset are currently being carried out worldwide. In this context, Nutriset supplies industrial expertise to develop products that are specially designed for the needs of scientific studies. Nutriset also contributes to thinking on research goals, methodology and field organization, as well as the aspects of distributing products to targeted populations.

Map of nutritional research partnerships


carte des partenariats de recherche en nutrition


(_) Future studies or studies in the preparatory phase

(_) Studies being carried out in the field

(_) Studies being finalized and readied for publication


Nutriset and the iLiNS project

The iLiNS project is one of the flagship projects that Nutriset is committed to. It aims to develop a new generation of preventive nutritional supplements.

The International Lipid-Based Nutrient Supplements project (iLiNS) is a collaborative research undertaking built on a shared commitment to accelerating progress in preventing malnutrition. We work on research projects in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Malawi. Previous work on Lipid-Based Nutrient Supplements (LNS) carried out in Ghana and Malawi showed that supplements like these could improve child growth and development in low-income populations. The iLiNS project was designed on the basis of this previous work. We will evaluate the effectiveness of new and less expensive formulations, study the impact of LNS supplements on children and pregnant and nursing women and explore the economic impact of LNS use for the prevention of malnutrition.

In total, Nutriset participates in some sixty research projects and partnerships. Within the framework of these collaborations, Nutriset is a reliable industrial partner for developing research products. But Nutriset's involvement is often much broader, with active participation in the definition of research goals and field methodology and thinking on product distribution strategies for the neediest populations.


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