Severe acute malnutrition (treatment)

logo therapeutic milk F-75

F-75 milk - initial phase of SAM treatment (or stabilization phase), according to the WHO protocol

400 g tin (enriched powdered milk to be reconstituted)

Treatment of medical problems, correction of specific deficiencies, correction of metabolic abnormalities, return of appetite and start of feeding (medical supervision)

For any case of SAM with medical complication and/or without appetite

130 ml of reconstituted milk / kg / day

→ 80-100 kcal / kg / day divided into 8 to 12 meals / day for 3 to 7 days

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F-75 is a therapeutic milk powder


For any case of severate acute malnutrition with medical complication and/or without appetite

When a child suffering from severe acute malnutrition arrives at the hospital, he/she often shows infections, hepatic and intestinal insufficiency, or electrolyte imbalances (excess or insufficiency of elements such as sodium, potassium, calcium or even magnesium). A child with such complications is unable to tolerate usual levels of proteins, fats and sodium. Therefore, it is important to begin nutritional treatment by giving foods with low levels of proteins, fats and sodium, but rich in carbohydrates.

F-75 therapeutic milk should be used in therapeutic feeding centers under medical supervision, and must never be given directly to families.


✓ To treat Severe Acute Malnutrition - Phase 1

F-75 therapeutic milk was designed for the stabilisation phase of inpatients suffering from severe acute malnutrition, that is phase 1 of the treatment protocol drawn up by the World Health Organisation (WHO). That stabilisation phase consists in ensuring the rehydration of children and the treatment of their medical complications, while initiating refeeding.

With its caloric density of 75 kcal per 100 ml of reconstituted milk, F-75 is not intended to make children put on weight, and its use should be limited to phase 1 (on average, 3 days).

>>> In phase 2, the nutritional recovery phase, F-100 therapeutic milk is used (or a ready-to-use nutritional equivalent such as Plumpy’Nut®, depending on the child's state of health).


F-75 therapeutic milk is not adapted for well-nourished children

Immediate breastfeeding after birth, exclusive during the first 6 months and recommended for at least 24 months.

Main nutritional values

F-75 therapeutic milk formula: elements for 100 ml of F-75 reconstituted milk*
Energy 77 kcal Copper 0.27 mg Vitamin B1 > 85 µg
Proteins (% of the total energy) 5% Iron < 0.06 mg Vitamin B2 > 0.3 mg
Lipids (% of the total energy) 29.9% Iodine 17.9 µg Vitamin B6 > 0.1 mg

(% of the total energy)

65% Selenium 5.1 µg Vitamin B12 > 0.3 µg
Calcium 77 mg Sodium < 17 mg Vitamin K 2.6-8.2 µg
Phosphorus 77 mg Vitamin A 0.14-0.3 mg Biotin > 10 µg
Potassium 142 mg Vitamin D 2.6-4.9 µg Folic acid > 34 µg
Magnesium 9.5 mg Vitamin E 3.4-4.9 mg Pantothenic acid > 0.51 mg
Zinc 2.5 mg Vitamin C > 8.5 mg Niacin > 0.85 mg

*The values given in this table are based on Nutriset's knowledge of the intrinsic nutrient content of the raw materials and their variability, as well as the variability of the process.