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Yohan on a business trip in Harare, Zimbabwe

Can you tell us something about yourself?

My name is Yohan, I'm 38 and I come from Brittany. After my engineering studies, I decided to go in a different direction with complementary training at a business school, where I specialized in the agribusiness sector. This enabled me to join Nutriset as Coordination of Operations, and I am currently based in South Africa, where I focus on the development of our Southern Africa operations.

When I'm not working, I like to travel to distant places and, if possible, far from mass tourism. I also like outdoor sports. For all these activities, being based in South Africa is perfect.

Why did you join Nutriset?

I heard about Nutriset from classmates with whom I prepared a talk on the company. Nutriset's social mission is what first caught my interest and is what gives meaning to my work, every single day. Since I specialized in agribusiness, the positions open corresponded to my profile and I was fortunate in being able to join Nutriset in mid 2015.

How did your introduction to the company go?

I was impressed by the company's humanity and the way it feels like a family. When I arrived, I could see my name on the TV'Nut screens that welcomed me in the hallways. The first week, I followed the new arrivals schedule to learn more about the company, the Department of Operations and my tasks as Coordinator. My co-workers were always willing to take the time to explain the ins and outs of the job and the way the company functions. As the weeks passed, I assumed an increasing number of responsibilities and became more independent in my work.

What's your job?

My work consists in developing Nutriset operations in Southern Africa; that's why I'm based in South Africa. I meet with our partners and actors from our sector in the zone covering ten countries in Southern Africa. I coordinate various requests - whether commercial or not - for this zone and act as the relay for the teams based in Malaunay. Finally, I make a strategic analysis of the issues tied to malnutrition in this zone. This means a lot of daily travel and meetings and that I must work to capitalize on, organize and analyze the large amount of incoming information in order to summarize it and feed it back to the entire company.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I'd like to create a responsible company in the agribusiness sector that would work to meet the social and environmental challenges the sector is confronted with.