Alexis training PlumpyField® partner
Alexis is training Jamila, financial controller at STA, our PlumpyField® member based in Niger.

Can you tell us something about yourself?

I'm originally from Normandy. After a scientific baccalaureate, I received a law degree at Rouen in partnership with the University of Hanover and later earned a Master's degree in international business and tax law. After a one-year internship in an agribusiness company in Normandy, I was curious and ready to be challenged and found a company that would do this.

How did your introduction to Onyx Développement go?

My arrival at Onyx Développement was very pleasant and exciting. Company strategy leaves no room for doubt: you must immediately plunge into understanding the structure and make yourself available and ready to listen. To do this, a close-knit team and attentive directors allowed me to get my bearings and gain skills in an incredibly satisfying and fulfilling way.

What's your job?

As International Corporate Lawyer, I provide assistance to Executive Management in the implementation of high-quality governance for all participating companies in France and internationally within the legislative systems of each country (OHADA corporate law in West Africa and national law in India, Ethiopia, etc.).
Part of my activity concerns tax and customs support for future partnership creation projects.
Finally, I assist the French structure and its activities (providing services and research and development).
I should point out that a lawyer's skills are not isolated from the rest of the company. Learning other expertises is key to understanding what Executive Management wants to do, so that they are well supported under optimal conditions.

What other services or departments do you work with on a daily basis?

Corporate lawyers must work with other support functions, such as finance, accounting, the development center and management control. They benefit from cross-company knowledge of the teams and have a special relationship with Executive Management. They reassure all teams by providing support and protecting their decisions and wishes. Lawyers are not a barrier; they are a solution for their co-workers.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

The experience I acquire daily in this position builds a very strong knowledge base that allows preparing for a future as a manager and being able to understand future responsibilities.