Nadège on the field
Nadège is planning shipments at her office.

Can you introduce yourself briefly?
I work in the logistics department of Nutriset since 2008. For seven years, I was in charge of the organization of the shipments of raw materials and equipments for the parters of Nutriset with the PlumpyField® network. Last year, I wanted to change and focus on the processing of orders from humanitarian organizations.


What was your background before integrating Nutriset?
I joined Nutriset directly after training in international trade, with a logistics and international transport orientation.


Can you explain to us what your job as logistician is about ?
My main missions are:

  • Find optimal transport solutions to meet the demands of NGOs. Some already have a logistical structure that allows them to take over the transport. Others, on the contrary, want us to take care of part or all of the transport;
  • Plan shipments (in containers or trucks), depending on the requested loading date, ship departure dates, and various logistical constraints;
  • Give instructions for preparing and loading the order;
  • Organize and track transport. Confirm the order to the forwarder and keep the recipient informed of the expected arrival date of the goods;
  • Prepare and send export documentation;
  • Manage contingencies or disputes when necessary.

My job is about solving daily challenges. Depending on emergencies, transport constraints and constraints of the country-often hard to reach areas,  we must find the best solution to deliver the products within the required time.


How do you stay informed about what's new in your trade?
To stay informed about what's new in my line of work, I'm in constant contact with carriers and freight forwarders. I also receive various specialized newsletters on international transport and export regulations.