Mathilde in Tweed's R&D laboratory
Mathilde in Tweed's R&D laboratory

Can you tell us something about yourself?

My name is Mathilde, I'm 27 and I originally trained as a dietitian. I later studied at Supagro Montpellier, an engineering school specialized in food science, and majored in developing countries. I also obtained a Master 2 degree in nutrition at the IRD (Research Institute for Development). Two years ago, I signed a permanent contract with Onyx Développement as a Product and Process Development Engineer.


How did you join Onyx Développement?

I discovered Nutriset products for the first time during my 2010 undergraduate internship in dietetics at a Nutritional Rehabilitation Home in Nepal. Afterwards, I built my professional career around the idea of one day joining the Nutriset Group. At the end of my engineering studies, I thus applied for a six-months internship at Onyx Développement after sending out many requests.


What's your job?

My job is varied and multiple (which makes it exciting!). It's changed a lot over the past two years. I am currently Project Manager. I started with a great deal of scientific intelligence and by capitalizing on knowledge through bibliographies, meetings, conferences, meeting with actors, consulting, etc. Since the core of my job is product development, I'm often at the Tweed lab to create product prototypes according to particular specifications and feedback from the field. I also carry out stability studies for these products and monitor analyses and research by suppliers. In parallel, I follow marketing studies made in the field and the budget allocated for the project. I'm also involved in other Nutriset Group projects.
In conclusion, my project takes 85% of my time and 70% of this is dedicated to product development. I use the remaining 15% for other projects and for the general operation of Onyx Développement.


What other departments do you work with on a daily basis?

I work daily with my colleagues from Tweed R&D for lab trials and pilot projects. Finally, there are lots of email exchanges and round trips to Nutriset because my main project is a Nutriset Group project. I regularly call on Nutriset's R&D and RESN (External Research and Nutritional Strategies) departments.